Body Sugaring

What is Body Sugaring?

Sugar paste was first manufactured in Egypt approximately 300B.C. Today Isis Body Sugar uses the natural pure ingredients and manufacturing methods used by Egyptians at that time.

Body Sugaring is a true art that takes much practice and is the most natural effective method of hair removal of its kind.

In this ancient hair removal method, Isis Body Sugar uses and has perfected its own blend of natural ingredients pure sugar, distilled water and fresh lemon.

Isis Body Sugar paste is applied against the hair growth and flicked with a unique technique for hair to be extracted and allowing to be pulled by the root with minimal trauma to the skin, less breakage to the hair and proven much less discomfort overall to lead thinning of the hair and permanent hair loss..

Isis Body Sugar paste has no added essential oils that may irritate the skin, swelling, redness and puffiness are minimal and suitable for Men, Women and Children.

Isis Body Sugar paste is proven to be safe and gentle on your skin and effective in removing even short stubble that is 1/8 inch in length in the Anagen stage of growth with flawless, smooth skin.

Body Sugaring for Women
Body Sugaring for Women Price
Student Prices available @ 15% off
Eyebrows (shaping) $18
Face (chin, lip, cheeks) $12
Upper Lip, Chin, Jawline or Sideburns/Cheeks $10
Underarms $15
Arms $35
Half Arms $25
Navel $15
Bikini $35
Full Bikini (Includes Buttocks) $55
L.A. (Lips & Ass) $65
Full Body (face, underarms, bikini, full legs) $140
Add Beaver $40
Lower Back (above bikini) $15
Upper Thighs or Lower legs $45
Full Legs $85
Happy Beaver Punch Card

Clean Beaver Happy Beaver Punch Card every 4th visit is half price. Not valid if over 6 weeks. 

Body Sugaring for Men
Body Sugaring for Men Price
Eyebrows $18
Ears $15
Neckline (below hairline base of neck) $20
Shoulders (top of shoulders only) $35
Back $55 & Up
Chest $45 & Up
Arms $45
Bikini $55
Full Bikini $75
Body Sugaring for Children
Body Sugaring for Children
13 yrs & Under
Eyebrows $12
Upper Lip $10
Underarms $10
Navel $10
Lower Legs/Upper Thigh $35
Full Legs $50

Prices do not include HST and are subject to change without notice.

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